Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween //

I found these images when I was doing my initial cupcake image search and I have been waiting for this weekend to share with all of you. The city is already in a Halloween Tizzy, everyone is walking around in costume celebrating and preparing for the village parade. My most favorite part is seeing the excited kids and their costumes. Enjoy the treats below! 


Louboutin Sweet Old News//

Louboutin collaborates with Ladurée a leader in French Patisserie to come up with a collection of mouth watering special edition macaroons. The macaroons are prepared by Louboutin and Ladurée's pastry chef Philippe Andrieu and come in flavors of fig and date. These limited edition gift boxes became available mid September '09 at Ladurée, Harrods and Burlington Arcade Gallery. Has anyone tried? 


Friday, October 29, 2010

Black Layers //

Klimt Inspired Pieces by Aquilano Rimondi //

My Personal Favorites

The rest of the Collection...

The presentation model was wearing this outfit when I met with Tommaso 
and Roberto, but it had a single slit, which I prefer. Check out future 
posts for the single slit presentation of this look. Love, love, love.

I want this jacket! You can feel the quality
of the unbelievable fabrics and design skill
when you hold this piece of art in your hands. 

So very Klimt

LOVE this top

The jackets are to die for...
structured and well thought out 

LOVE these two!
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