Sunday, December 5, 2010

And the Person of the Year Goes to...

The editors at FN have voted and chosen Christian Louboutin as person of the year, in the shoe world that is. Looking at the art below he may just be in the running for a nobel prize as well as FN's person of the year! Let's face it, you slip on a pair of those heels and you instantly feel like a million bucks. If everyone had a pair of Louboutin's we could probably solve world peace. 

The rumblings around the office this past week in anticipation of the big event and even more momentous award ceremony were all the buzz. The day after everyone was in a tizzy about Blake Lively's introduction of the man himself! So hats off and congrats Mr. Louboutin, Brian Atwood for Designer of the Year, Ivanka Trump for Launch of the Year and Blake Mycoskie from TOMS for brand of the year. -Enjoy

Blake Lively and Christian-
I don't get her as a muse maybe
someone can explain it to me...
Brian Atwood and his mother.
I couldn't resist, he is just cute as a button!
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