About Me

About Lavender Thoughts
Lavender Thoughts is a space created to showcase all that I find beautiful and inspiring. You will find musing essays, interviews and image "blogacles" on art, fashion, design, FLOWERS, food, wine, weddings, travel, NYC, love, and life with little pieces of inspiration everywhere!

Who am I? 
What a great question to think about? I am not yet prepared to really define this. I need another ten years to figure out the answer. In the meantime I am sure background details will suffice.

I grew up in a small town in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York. I moved to New York City in 2002. I have had the opportunity to build an amazing career for myself and was fortunate enough to be able to leave the corporate world for what I would like to call an "Educational Sabbatical" where I was able to fully dedicate myself to studying things that were of interest to me. But now I am REALLY ready to get back to my career. I am married to an amazing man and best friend and am curious to see what the future holds. 

The Purpose of Lavender Thoughts
I am over stimulated in this city. I frequently forget the very reason I moved here as an overzealous young adult - to be inspired! After all these years my inspiration has dissipated and my creativity has been excised.

This blog is how I intend to gain back my inspiration and fascination with life, love and the city. It will serve as my memory – my thought, inspiration and image archive. It will be my creative outlet. It will be my sounding board. But most of all it will be the resume of my life. The years pass by so fast and every time I stop to reflect I remember less and less. I don’t want to forget the pieces, the memories, the successes, the failures, the thoughts, and the experiences that make me, ME.

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