Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Look What I Just Found!

This is for all of you who knew me when I was 10, ok maybe 12. I was obsessed with horses, I would do anything to be around them. I would even sleep on haybales with my barn friends and during shows we would all sleep on cots in a nearby stall so that we could be closer to the horses. We would awake early in the morning to the fresh scent of showhorses and manure penetrating our skin. However truly unique that story is to the masses, even more odd was my fashion sense. Those who ride the Arabian breed typically wear ropers when schooling. I couldn't have any old color and style though. I needed bright teal lace-up ropers. I was picked on all the time for those darn boots. People would go up to my trainer and ask, "is that one of your riders"? Regardless, I found the same pair of Justin ropers that I owned decades ago in a little vintage shop in the east village this weekend. My heart stood still!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shop With Purpose!

LOVE the Home Collection

Who Do You Idolize?

My response - Donna Karan. She is such an inspiration! Not for the reason most people idolize her for being a creative/fashion genius. I adore her for the creation of Urban Zen. I learned about the Urban Zen Foundation in 2006 from my yoga instructor Lara Benusis. We frequently had lengthy discussions after class about life, career, and relationships. It was during one of these discussions that she recommended I take a look at the foundation. As soon as I got home I found a video detailing the organization. Within five minutes I was moved to tears. I had also been moved into a place of action. The images and stories have irreversibly changed my life! 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Week's Arrangements: $42

In Love With The Bloom

I find such great inspiration in flowers. They make me so happy and fill a home with such warmth. Living in Manhattan and feeling at home are two things that tend to not go together that is unless you have a lavish design budget and an enormous floor plan to play with. If you are like the rest of us, transient and non-commital New Yorkers you probably find yourself adding store bought window treatments, throwing a rug here and adding a light there. Just once, take it a step further. Fall's around the corner and is crisp for welcoming weekends spent touring the flower market with a warm latte and your lovely. If you aren't feeling adventurous but are sensing a staleness to the 600sqft you call home, take a trip to your local bodega and grab a few stems of whatever inspires you. It could be the fragrance of a fresh casablanca lily or the overwhelming volume of a hydranga, the simplicity of a rose or the elegance of a calla lily. No vase? Find an old wine bottle, jam jar or serving bowl, and throw in a few hydrangea stems for a rustic looking arrangement. VOILĂ€

Fall Transition Look

Fall Transition Look
Fall Transition Look by blipovsky featuring stone jewelry

Clothing With Purpose: EDUN was launched in Spring 2005 by Ali Hewson and her husband, U2 singer Bono as a for-profit fashion brand with a mission to encourage trade with Africa and raise awareness of the possibilities there. In 2009 luxury group LVMH bought a stake in the company. Check out EDUN's mission here, 

WEAR IT!: Dress up with this outfit with fun stockings and heels, dress down for running about the city with a pair of Chloe flats.

Sneak Peek: Manhattan Wedding Under $1000

Bride's Dress: Ralph Lauren, Sash: David's Bridal, Shoes: Prada
Groom's Outfit: Banana Republic, Shoes: Aldo
Flowers: Designed by Lavender Thoughts (roses, calla lilies and lavender from flower district, NYC)

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