Monday, November 8, 2010

26.2 //

What a tremendous event this is for everyone, participants and on-lookers alike. My sister, William and I woke up bright and early to meet up with the runners a block over on first avenue. For whatever reason I happened to agree with her logic for timing when the men's elite group would be passing by. The logistics were slightly skewed because of the varying start times and a delay with the elite groups start. Unfortunately after a little more than 90-min (for those of you who know me that's an eternity when I'm cold) standing in the freezing cold waiting for the runners I gave up and went home for lots and lots of hot tea, multiple blankets and a good book. I had all the intentions of going back outside but I didn't thaw out until much later and the superstars had already finished the race. 

I have lived in different areas along the race route for eight years now and have yet to see the elite runners with my own eyes. There's always next year. Later in the day I was able to catch the stragglers and cheer them on while crossing the park to meet friends on the west side for a late lunch. BRAVO to all of the runners who finished the race, what an accomplishment!

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