Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Mark Hotel

Do you have an extra $60MM lying around and your looking to invest? Possibly in real estate? The penthouse at The Mark may be the perfect option for you. The Mark Hotel is a true institution in the City of New York. It has been housed in the landmark building on 77th Street And Madison Avenue since 1927 and remains surrounded by the most famous museums, art galleries, boutiques, shopping and restaurants. What more could you ask for? I guess for $60MM you should be asking for a lot! Here's a sneak peak inside some of the lavish offerings at the refurbished residential and commercial property. Enjoy!

Fabric Swatches

The Foyer

The Foyer, styled differently

The Living Room - shot with a gel or filter

Same Living Room - without gel

Small dining area looking towards the living room

The Kitchen, so stark and I don't 

Jaques Grange's leather-topped desk and furnishings 
evoke 1930's Parisian luxury says The Mark

The trademark Mark finishes include 
ebony, sycamore and nickel - Love!


Master Bedroom

Bedside, a Creston room control panel adjusts 
temperature, entertainment, shades and lighting. Fun!

The closets are to die...

Love the marble, nickel and how this is arranged!

The Washroom

Jaques Grange decked the halls

The colorful and artful seating area


The Mark Hotel concierge - 
outstanding service around the clock

Perfection is in the DETAILS

The Mark Hotel's Grand Entrance

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  1. MMM nope don't have that kind of spare change unfortunately. I really like the monochromatic color scheme!


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