Friday, November 12, 2010

The Search has Ended //

The job search has come to an end hence my entries were lagging somewhat. I think I have found my “career soul mate” the ultimate dream job! Not that my husband doesn’t measure up in the soul mate arena but for a girl to be complete the entire personal and professional package has to be aligned. I am so excited and can’t wait to start.

I will be celebrating a lot this weekend, my new job, my first wedding anniversary and my father in-law’s 70th and would like to make an online toast to my readers...I wish you life, love, peace and happiness!

Be sure to clink your glasses this weekend. I will probably be making one too many champagne toasts, well I am really a prosecco kind of girl! This is one argument I would never want to be a part of, a French/Italian spat over bubbly is sure to end in disaster or with an off the wall iconic sound bite such as, “the rent is too damn high”. With that I close and raise my glass to you. I feel new beginnings all around!

- Cheers, Salud, Fisehatak, Prost, Afya, Na Zdrovia, and most of all L'chaim

images: weheartit


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